Mission Statement:

Educate the younger generation about the mental health crisis in the entertainment industry by increasing awareness and helping those who may already be struggling.




For years, I’ve witnessed people in the entertainment industry suffering from mental health issues and no one stopped to pay attention. It’s automatically thought that if you’re famous, all is well. On the contrary, most who embody fame have a hard time finding a good balance. Artists, as well as those who are on the business side, find themselves grasping for a hand to hold but instead find markers and get asked for signatures. As an artist manager myself, I hold the careers of 30+ musicians in my hands every day. That kind of pressure is often unimaginable to most people and I constantly want to make sure I am putting forth my best work for these talented artists. However, I also find myself battling anxiety, stress and depression and feel as though this is not uncommon at all for those who also take on the amount of responsibility necessary to succeed in this industry. I worry that many fight this silent battle and that eventually our industry will cease to exist solely because of the lack of support systems and available resources. Stronger in Harmony is my creation to bring together everyone who struggles and prove to them that others feel the same way and care about each other. It is time for an organization for college students to help them understand that mental health is a subject we CAN talk about and understand together. Our wellness workshops and panel discussions will run in tandem with events to help members relax and show off their hard work at concerts, art exhibits and film festivals. With donations going to those who may need additional assistance, the members of Stronger in Harmony will be creating a safer and happier industry for generations to come.

Together, we will save creative lives.